the tuesday that i really thought was wednesday...

most of the day too -- like part of me really knew it was tuesday, but kept thinking it was wednesday... but it really wasn't wednesday, because tonight was taco night and wednesday night is roasted veggies -- so it really was tuesday.  

happy things about tuesday: 

-- i did three loads of laundry before i left for work
-- i made it through my workout this morning - i am calling it the "deadly 21 x's 3"  
-- it was a pretty good day at work.  my kiddo's are priceless.  this morning two of the four year old's were talking and coloring when one pipes up to loudly announce to the room that her partner just said two very intense swear words -- no slang about them, just pure and potent... excellent.  i'm pretty sure i didn't know those words until i was almost twenty... hmmm... p.s -- this story isn't a "happy thing" really, more like a reminder to watch your language  -- and while i must admit to being slightly humored, i am more horrified...
--i picked up my CSA box tonight, it had little tiny carrots, rutabagas, golden apples, spring mix (light on the arugula this week -- thank goodness-- not that we don't enjoy it, it's just a very potent green) a loaf of fresh rye bread, and our gallon of local milk from the grass-fed cows.  at the beginning of september we signed up for our fall CSA (community supported agriculture) program -- i am always sad that i miss out during the summer because i am in montana, and so i was quite excited when i saw they were going to do a fall program.  it runs from mid september to mid december at a cost of about $30 a week.  i love that i am getting fresh picked food directly from a local farmer!  it is the best feeling, plus the excitement of never knowing what's going to be in your box.  
--it was taco night -- wait, did i already mention that??  i really really love taco night.
-- jen's here!
-- jen's here!
-- jen't here!

jen. is. here. with. us.

and it was good.

-- i took the truck through the car wash and they had the really really fun, nice smelling rainbow colored wax.  hooray!
-- we (jen and i) went to a local deli and bought three extremely delicious desserts to take home to eat with kim (who was diligently studying) -- i wanted to buy everything that was in the case -- we didn't though -- instead we had pumpkin cheesecake with a fresh fig and lavendar sprinkles, a three layer carmel mousse, and a flour-less dark chocolate tort.  simply divine.
-- jon will be home sometime tonight.

--tomorrow is wednesday.  it is going to be quite busy for all of us.  but i am sure there will be many happy things, starting with coffee in the morning with my favorite tara.  

hope your wednesday is filled with happy things too -- and if it isn't -- i bet you can think of at least one 

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