f is for ...

-friday! (of course)
-fanciful fruit pizza - well at least that is what the pillsbury website calls it --- jon's afternoon thought as to what we should make for our end of the week dessert - it was delicious - though it would be even better with my sugar cookie recipe instead of the store bought - we had blackberries, fresh pineapple and peaches.  i didn't really strive for presentation on this one - just plopped it on -- still tasty...

- four - the average number of loads of dishes i wash by hand per day - i do have a small sink+dish rack
-fresh sheets
-funnel clouds - one was 45 miles away from us today -- that is still too close for my comfort level
-flying insects - we are surrounded by them - mosquitos, flies, fruit flies.  all giant.  all obnoxious.
- flesh.  burnt flesh.  my first sunburn in a really long time.  torched shoulders and arms.  it didn't even feel hot outside (thats what the breeze will do for you) i knew better.  at least i was wearing a hat.  i am always getting after jon and the kids - so tonight, i am sure jon had a small smile while telling me to "put some sunscreen on next time"

hope your weekend is the best -- last saturday we were on a tornado watch all beautiful day.  it was a bummer.  hoping tomorrow brings lovely, warning free weather.

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  1. Beautiful dessert!! Looks very yummy. I know that sunburned breeze feeling - Nick gets that little smile too... =)