thursday thanks

 - wash machines -- mine is broken right now.  i am thankful to the wonderful person who invented it and i am thankful to the wonderful person who will come fix mine soon.  soon.  soon.

-gas prices are a little less right now- when we were in minnesota last week this station had it for 3.44 - i hadn't seen it that low for far too long

- taking a minute to remember the past -- this is what is left of a little bitty town out in the middle of no where that jon and i drove by yesterday.  at some point it had people who lived here.  a little school.  false fronts on the store buildings.  maybe a house or too.  

-road signs -- in front of the little bitty town that was -- it goes in all four directions, pointing you the right way towards the farm you are looking for -- yep.  that one out in the middle of no where no where -- because this sign-- the one in front of the little bitty town that was.  it's out in the middle of no where - about 30+ minutes on a gravel road to get to the back to the highway - and then it's another 20-30 minutes going 75 mph to get to the next town.  middle of no where.  great place for bees to make some honey.

- for no muddy roads as we were traveling yesterday -- the person before us wasn't as quite as lucky - you can't see them very well, but we drove in the very deep tire tracks of someone who was holding their breath, hoping they wouldn't get stuck as they drove through a very very soft dirt road.

- taking a minute to "stop and smell the clover"  - that is exactly what jon said to me yesterday as we stopped, rolled the windows down and inhaled...

so nice to stop and drink it all in.  to talk about how blessed we are even in the midst of stressful moments.  to remember the good.  to love the life we've been given
 - to be challenged:  the GOOD 30 day challenge: Waste Less  -  got us set up this morning with what will work for us and our summer situation - also trying to increase my reusable container use versus ziplocks or plastic bags - which i tend to use more of in the summer because of limited storage/fridge space.

 -to grow:  "Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you have found that attitude, follow it."

-- James Truslow Adams

- to be reminded: 3 ways to fully show up in your life
- to let myself off the hook--it doesn't have to be perfect: Supposed To

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  1. Love the 30 day challenge! What are you planning on committing to? My goal is to use glass/plastic containers as soon as I'm done with my ziplock bags. I just added another compost bin for things that I want to stick in the regular yard waste bin versus putting it in my food/yard waste composters. Very exciting stuff m'dear! =)