just finished:  talking with melissa! -- so proud of her - today she  successfully defended her thesis for her masters!!

just ate: grilled vegetable panini sandwiches using our new grill and a delicious bite of schwan's dark sweet cherry ice cream (our summertime favorite)

just trying: to kill the mosquito that keeps buzzing around my head -- unsuccessful so far...

just wishing:  that my wash machine was in working order (it stopped working on the 4th -- kinda funny -- i am pretty sure it is the same problem i just had last month with my wash machine at home)

just starting:

one of my favorite movies.  it's about rugby + character.  we've watched it every summer for the past four years and i love it every time plus some.

just trying: to not think a tick is on me every time -- i pulled one out of my brother on monday.  i was lightening fast.  uber impressive.  still -- gross.

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