as jon and i went to sleep last night, we both said to each other "what a great day."

it was just that good.

sunny.  breezy.  an ice cream + pizza kind of day.  we played board games all evening with mike and kate.  laughing up a storm.  eating popcorn + cold cereal.  almost consuming a couple tubs of ice cream because they are our ultimate favorites.  walking at sunset.  lulu ended the day taking a snooze on the bench.  spoiled pooch.

jon and i spent most of the day driving around the north dakota countryside.  a little of it was spent waiting in road construction.  but it was good waiting.  the kind where you talk to the motorcyclist behind you and enjoy the windmills and great views beside you.  

it all started because we decided to drive to church -- it takes about an hour.  we felt like the pioneers.  except our truck is just a little faster and less dusty than a wagon.  we arrived at our little country church to a sweet congregation of about 25 people.  we were more than warmly welcomed, introduced to almost all of the church members, and invited for lunch.  the pastor is the same pastor i had at my academy church during sophomore year.  i walked into the church and told jon "i know him" - true that.  such a small world sometimes...  isn't it great.  he (the pastor) and his wife have five of the most beautiful + polite boys i have ever seen.  we are excited to have found a "summer" church family and are looking forward to getting to know new people in our community.

the rest of the day was spent taking the long way back home.  looking out the window at the canola fields and rolling hills.  spotting ranches that we loved + passing through some of the smallest towns (blink and you'll miss it).  no storms.  no weather warnings.  just sunshine.  

oh happy day!

hope yours was just as lovely.

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