it's always sad when you don't think you have your camera but then realize the next day that you really did.  good thing that these nifty cell phones have cameras so you can still take an impromptu photo.  

the sky was absolutely marvelous yesterday.  just beautiful.  the kind of sky that you just want to sit outside and look at forever and ever.  it was a day-after-the-big-storm kind of sky.  ---and i took a few pictures with my phone.  ones that looked great on my phone, but as i looked at them this morning i realized that i forgot to roll down my window and so they are not as lovely as i would like...however, i feel that it is a little mean to withhold pictures, even though they don't do it justice:

these pictures were taken on our way to church - i had a lovely 50 minutes of staring out the window at the pretty blue sky.  we stayed for potluck and were able to get to know many of the church members.  country churches might be the best.  i know that we have been greatly impacted by the absolute, friendly welcome we have been given.  it is a reminder and a challenge to us to always be warm, friendly and welcoming at our home church, even though there are quite a few more members.  

which brings us to our evening: which was fairly uneventful - we consumed a ridiculous amount of ice cream and watched Cupcake Wars and Master Chef on hulu.  that's it.  perfect day.

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