stormy weather

on friday a huge storm system went across eastern montana (a line that stretched almost completely across the state from north to south) - i wish i had taken a picture of the radar screen.  we were on tornado watch all afternoon and evening.  i have come to terms --and almost enjoyment-- of these summer storms... but i draw that line at tornados.  someday (i'm thinking sooner rather than later) - when i have my storm cellar - i will greet them with open arms and camera in hand -- until then -- i still prefer for the tornados to stay away.  
tornados aside. there is something absolutely amazing and beautiful about a storm.  

i took these pictures when i went to town friday afternoon.  i pulled over and just sat for a few minutes watching the storm roll in.  watching the intensity build, the clouds cover the sky and darken the day.  feeling the hot, humid summer air.  the scent of the storm and the rain it brings.  the cold wind clashing with the hot of the day. the thunder boom and the flash of light.  it brought rain.  it brought hail (i love hail).  it reigned in the dust.  it brought a lot of weather alerts on my radio (good to know it works well)  it brought a tornado -- luckily not to us, but a county away.  

my mom encourages me to embrace the storm - to turn my recent fear back to the love i had for them when i was younger.  when i told her we were on tornado watch on friday she replied with "what a great time to watch "twister" and eat cookies and ice cream"(instead of worrying about it) -- she's the best mom.  always knows just the right thing to say to me.  so here i am.  embracing the storm (but not the tornados -- yet).

"it is not in the serene times we grow but rather in our storms."

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