wednesday wonders + photo booth is fun

it's beginning to feel a little like christmas (said in a sing-song way of course) -- i always try not to give in until after thanksgiving -- sometimes it doesn't work, but that's o.k. -- kim tells me that is all the "holiday" season. somehow in my brain it is thanksgiving/christmas and not thanksgiving-christmas... oh the debate, however, since starbucks practically rules the world, and they are already selling peppermint mochas and eggnog lattes... it might all be a "holiday" season wrapped up and tied with a bow--
... and with holidays comes the joys of "sharing the holidays" -- the ever familiar -- "it's my families year" -- "it's your families year" bucket of fun -- jon and i have it fairly easy and it usually isn't a headache, however this year, my little sister has added in her "sharing of the holidays" -- apparently this year is "our year" for thanksgiving... which means our whole family christmas will be sometime in the middle of the week after christmas -- i would say "o bother" except i am pretty sure i did the same thing to my parents in 2002-- eeegads...

so the wonder (as in "i wonder") of the day is... is it a sad or glad that i already have my christmas movies scheduled on my december calendar, along with looking at christmas lights, gingerbread houses and more?!?!...

speaking of christmas -- i love love this site for cards-- minted: the freshest designs on paper

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