wednesday wonderment

tonight's wonders---

1. why am i still up?
2. what happened to dairy queen?

1. i am working on final plans for our t-day with friends dinner tomorrow night -- it will be a busy, but delightful day tomorrow -- starting off at 6am with a delicious latte and grocery shopping with my very best and favorite girl, not to mention roommate, and then moving on to some cleaning, cooking, play list making and all the good stuff that comes with a get together...

2. i don't have an answer for this -- there are several possibilities... first, the story--tonight the messerapp's decided to have a dq run -- off we went to our local grill and chill -- we started out by ordering 2 blizzards -- turtle & cookie dough -- then we saw the poster for the new nuts waffle bowl, and decided to try that -- someone was ready to eat a lot of ice cream -- the cookie dough blizzard did not have very tasty dough, the turtle blizzard did not have very tasty pecans and the caramel was all at the bottom, the nuts & fudge bowl did not have very tasty peanut butter and only a drizzle of fudge -- so, now that we were quite disappointed, i sent jon to see if they still had my staple favorite, a pumpkin pie blizzard-- and we ordered yet again-- oh the torture when the pumpkin pie blizzard did not have very tasty pumpkin... now for the possible answers

-- 1st - it is possible that we ordered all the wrong things
-- 2nd- it is possible that our dq did not properly cover their food this week
--3rd - it is possible that:
a. we are too picky
b. we have overactive tastebuds
c. we are crazy

-- now i am off to sleep -- with all my heart and prayers going out to a special family in our community during the very difficult and heart breaking time they are currently facing --

i am so thankful for family, friends, and each moment of the life i lead

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