10 things -- i love weekEnDs!

1. disney movies -- UP and Snow White are the weekend picks -- oh i am ready for disney world!
2. t-day dinners with friends -- #2 happened at Kellie's house, such fun to hang with my girls
3. fresh cranberries -- i bought 2 giant bags from costco this weekend to help me last til next year
4. my sister kaitlin -- love that girl -- off to her first banquet tonight - all prettied up, make-up n' all
5. lulu - the snuggle puppy - there is nothing better than cuddle time with my pup when she is in angel mode -- she loves to sleep in
6. german apple pancakes -- the husband made them for brunch - deliciousness
7. my shoes are here!!
8.a fantastic sermon at church this weekend - simply amazing - just love the new pastor!
9. on the dislike side -- still feeling kind of yucky -- hoping it will go bye bye soon
10. so thankful for my family today, that they are all present and healthy. my thoughts and prayers to families who are going through heartbreak right now.

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