two (or three) for tuesday

how does it work that i have been thinking about thanksgiving for quite a long time -- making plans and all of the sudden it is thanksgiving in two days -- and none of my actual "thanksgiving" plans have been put into action -- well, most of them -- like the cute little felt garland i was going to make, and my acorn display, where are the turkeys??
oh well...
tonight, instead of making t-day plans, i came home from work and ate homemade chili&drop biscuits, read a couple chapters of my current favorite read and then decided to have some craft time. i almost finished a quickie layout (almost because i think i am going to add some ribbon) and spent some time on my fall book while listening to my new favorite playlist (compliments of my fab sister jules) and drinking tea...

**the gold around the edge isn't part of the layout, it's the edge of the box i had my layout in...also this picture, as you can tell, was done quickly and with minimal movement, thus the flash and opps it's crooked...it might be past my bed time.**

...this is what the boys were doing -- xbox party in the livingroom

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  1. I wish that I could get motivated to do some scrapbooking, I envy your Martha Stewart tendencies.