10 things--i love weekends!

--weekends with my husband - i'm quite the fan -

-- outside my window it is a little dark, the leaves are rustling and it feels like fall --the perfect day to stay in my pajamas, burn deliciously scented wax, drink hot drinks, watch movies, and relax...
-- trying new recipes is the best adventure - our "reine" aka the chocolate torte - was delish!

--food ...let's be honest, a central part of the weekend - jon made puff pancakes, we had burger loaf and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, then veggie "pigs in a blanket," homemade salsa and cinnamon buns -- **stuffed**
--current fav: grocery shopping at safeway while sipping a decaf short soy pumpkin spice latte
--a birthday party for you best friend and roommate -- complete with a game of "clue: the office"
--staying up until a ridiculous hour of 3:30am
--watching movie after movie after movie: the little mermaid (with a 3 yr old), the proposal (the dance scene is my fav), taking of pelham 123 (old school with travolta and d. washington), mary poppins (makes the medicine go down), the proposal (again while filing papers)... yes, it was a bit of a movie weekend...
--sabbath lunches with friends
--pbs documentaries -- we are watching a series on native americans right now ,netflix via the xbox is the best!

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