wednesday wonderments

*i thought it was friday all day
*it is 12:40am and i am still up
*i got my december daily mini book ready to begin
*menu planned for tomorrow, looking forward to hanging out with my family&cooking
*so thankful for the small things
- i can call my parents and talk with them anytime i want
- i live with my best friends
- indoor plumbing
- fun scrapbooking projects
- pictures, they amaze me everyday with the ability to capture a moment
- big frank sandwiches hot out of the oven
- health for myself, family, & friends
- all of my senses in working order
- a warm beanie on a cold day
- all the "lulu's" of the world
- all things pumpkin, cranberry, squash & yams

wishing you a fabulous t-day!!

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