two for tuesday

it's raining today -- but a nice break after yesterday's 95 degrees and 150% humidity -- it was the kind of day where you walk outside and are immediately covered in sweat - i felt bad for the guys out pulling honey.  we had to take them more water towards the end of the day -- that's saying a lot since they each take out a gallon+...
i've been busy this last week -- when i say that, what i really mean is that my fingers have been busy, and my computer has been really busy -- the last couple days have been spent selecting and editing photos and making books.

one of them is for these two love birds --of pictures that i took at their engagement shoot:

we had a quiet weekend.  i didn't take any pictures...

i scrapbooked most of saturday.  it was a pleasant experience and a great way to spend the day -- simply amazes me that i accomplish so much more scrapping on a queen size bed than i do working at a table.

ordered wedding project supplies--now to wait for them to get here.

starting to feel the time crunch for all the things i want to get finished before the end of summer.  pressure is good.

my hot water heater stopped working yesterday.  jon has been trying to fix it today.  sad.  i need to shower.  going to have to trek to the warehouse bathroom like everyone else.  boo.

i hadn't been through my reader in about a week -- i had 457 blog posts to "read" -- too many.  the sad part was that out of all of those there wasn't much that caught my attention...

two things:
 -  i am obsessed with homemade granola - store bought i don't really care for - but homemade, barely sweetened granola goodness -- yum.  this year it has been one of my most favorite things to eat.  my wonderful mother sent 2 giant bags of homemade goodness with us to eat while in montana  - it is packed with dried fruit, seeds and nuts...  i savor every mouthful (helps to make up for my brother shoveling it -- he's always in a hurry to eat as much as possible...).


mom's gift of granola...

this recipe caught my attention today because -it's for granola - it's gluten-free - it doesn't have multiple sugars or a lot oil  -- i am planning on making it when i get home or run out of granola - whichever comes first --
gluten-free girl's homemade granola

- "the happiness project"  by gretchen rubin -- it's "an account of the year she spent test-driving studies and theories about how to be happier." -- i browsed through her blog a little this morning and it has a lot of great things -- my favorite for today -- her twelve personal commandments -- i think i will make some of my own. -- it will be at the top of my book list, but first i need to finish "eat, pray, love" by elizabeth gilbert

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