chocolate mint cookies required

money money money-- saving for a rainy day -- enter my new years resolution -- not to be the little old lady with the cute boots but no place to live... can we say "retirement" ... for those of us who are self employed or have jobs that don't come with benefits and retirement plans saving for the future is a little more complicated... this year, the plan is to get it all figured out and going the right direction. also. future business plans are dictating the need to learn financial software -- hello quickbooks, let's be friends.

p.s. kim made these amazing chocolate mint cookies tonight using the nestle dark chocolate mint chips we had bought during the holidays -- you should make them -- right now -- really

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the cookies :) I'm with you on getting financial stuff in order...my life is a crazy mess! I'm going to be the old lady with lots of baking stuff and no kitchen to cook in...haha.