"pets" --of all kinds

i didn't have a photo that i took today-
 i had just started writing 
when i noticed little miss lulu
this is a pretty standard position for her at night
she goes into what we like to call "angel mode"
she just snuggles up right next to you --or on you--and goes to sleep
she likes to sleep in
some mornings she doesn't even get out of bed until after we've already been up for awhile
i think she just likes the fact that she has all of the pillows and blankets to herself
she keeps me company, and when jon is gone, she really gets to rule over the bed - who knew a 50 lb dog could take up so much room on a king size bed?

this afternoon the class i was working with was all sitting down and listening to the story when my 
co-worker brought her 1 year old little girl into the room
quote of the day -- spoken by a 4 year old girl
"can we pet her"

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