two for tuesday - part I -- organics + menu recipes

apple tree at the parents -- they are sprayed once to keep the worms away

today i watched the sun come up -- it was lovely.  i am sitting here, typing up recipes and drinking tea while the pooches have their morning play time and jon tries to figure out a wooden puzzle.

this year, one of our goals is to eat mostly organic and local whenever possible.  for the past two years we have been buying organic milk and eggs, meat, carrots, and other  produce and pantry staples.  now we are kicking it up a few notches --
oh -- i should note -- there is a debate as to which is better, organic or local... personally, and also as a farmers wife (and especially after listening at the beekeeping conference this last week--more on that later), most of the time, i will choose knowing the local farmer and know where my food comes from versus organic produce that has traveled a long distance -- we are oh so lucky in our town to have access to great local farmers ....also -- it takes a lot to be able to legally say your product is "certified organic" --many farmers use little or no pesticides -- at our farmers market, several farms sell produce that hasn't been treated with pesticides, however it is not labeled as "organic" -- ask your farmer!...  it is a personal choice how much you choose to buy organic -- it may just be your carton of milk or it might be your whole cart.  choose what is right for you and your family

our choices:
* all organic dairy and animal products -- or local if available -- right now we have access to local milk, eggs, and goat cheese
*organic soy and corn products, which are typically GMO crops (genetically modified)
*buy organic or local -- "the dirty dozen"  -- this is posted by the environmental working group  - you can download the list, see a full produce list, and also get an iphone app.
3.bell pepper
10.grapes (imported)

here are a few articles on organics:
*Top Ten Reasons to go Organic -- Renee Loux
*The Cost and Benefits of Buying Organic Food - Oprah.com
*Organic Food: Is it worth the extra money? - Today - msnbc.com

ok.  hopefully that might be helpful to some of you!

here are the recipes for this weeks menu --- enjoy!

project 365 coming tonight -- off i go, i am late late late for a very important date at the allergists office...

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  1. Thanks for all the great recipe sharing and thoughts on organics and such. Nick and I are pretty much doing the same thing. After watching Food Inc., reading a bunch of Michael Pollan, etc. we're doing organic, local and planting a garden next summer. Good stuff!!