scrapbooking + pickles

i wish it was daylight when i took this picture.
the lighting would have been so much better--oh well
3 things i love about this layout
*zig zag stitch around the patterned paper
*pleated ribbon at the top -- i'd never sewn them before...
*alliteration in the journaling -- i can't help it, it's an addiction
"1. dandy dashing date"
"2. disney devoted"
"3. dole whip dedicated"

i could use some dole whip right now... too bad for me that i'm going to have to settle with going to sleep instead.

quote of the day
spoken by 4 10-year-old boys
"i'll tickle your pickle for a nickel"

i chastised them quite well and held my laughter until i walked out the door...

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