some days...

you just want to click the button on the camera as many times as you can and see what you come up with...

in other random news:
-i just learned that for every 5 dove peppermint bark chocolates i eat, i am consuming 210 calories
-however, i won't be eating anymore anytime soon...not because of the calories--but because i have begun a sinus infection -- lovely.
-lovely because in 3 days i leave for vacation and my to-do list is a mile long.
-"maverick" is one of my all time favorite movies -- reinforced again after tonight's viewing
-ford changed their online account system this weekend. this morning i waited 5 minutes to talk with a representative. i am guessing others are as in love with the new system as i am...
-tonight i drank "cold war" in an effort to make my sinuses love me again -- it is freshly juiced carrots, orange, ginger and garlic. i made the garlic extra strong. don't let me breathe on you.


my word for the year ---- "intent" ---- this last year i really tried to absorb and appreciate life and the world around me...to not take it for granted and live in the "moment" --maybe that was my word of 2009 -- this year i want to be more focused and act with greater intention... cheers to tWenty TeN! may it be the best year yet!

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  1. I love the style and colors you captured in these pictures.
    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!