happy happy joy joy

we came home from florida to our new heating system
kim has it all scheduled and everything -- lovely
my bedroom stays warm now -- more lovely

some have asked about a resource for finding out what produce is in season when...
i used the list from "cooking outside the box" and from "the family kitchen garden"

 i found this book this fall at our local library and fell in love with it -- it has tons of pictures and is very user friendly.  to my christmas list it went, and a christmas present it was.  super great resource if your new to gardening.
another resource is: field to plate
i found it by googling "seasonal product chart"  - there are a few others, however, i like this one because it tells you by state.
also, check your local farmer's market -- ours publishes a map and list of local farms, along with a calendar showing what produce is available when and by whom.

i am off to bed.
so glad it is almost the weekend!

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