project 365

this year, i have decided to add yet one more project to the list and participate in project 365.
project 365 is documenting your daily moments by taking a photograph per day and writing a short journal entry about it. the goal is to get all of these printed and placed in a scrapbook -- in the meantime-- the idea is to share with those of you who will never see my scrapbook, by blogging...so, we'll see how it goes -- you can do anything for 30 days...wait...make that 365 --yep, right on schedule and going strong already....(gulp) -- considering that i have yet to finish one of the 3 scrapbooking classes that i started in october, my fall book, or my december daily...i'd say we're off to a great and strong start...but hey...it's the new year, 2010, a FreSh start and aLL things are possible, right?!?

we managed to stay awake on new years eve -- so proud--
after a fantastic dinner at tmac's and picking up some loot
from hastings, we headed home and watched movies til midnight

sophia, one of my friends from college, was in town during
the holiday. we were able to meet for church and a
viewing of "avatar" which was quite enjoyable,
other than my bum falling asleep

sunday morning, sophia came over for homemade gingerbread waffles
and blueberry pinapple smoothies. we watched a chick flick
and ate dove peppermint bark chocolates --
didn't you know you should always eat a sweet at breakfast time?

--it was a good holiday...only it was missing two things--or people rather-- nari and jon... so it just wasn't quite the same. maybe next year.

i've made my resolutions
i've chosen my "one word" for the year
the laundry is all done
the dead christmas tree has left the building
i've made lots of new plans

more to share later, but for now, it's off to sleep with me -- my eyelids are too heavy to stay open anymore...

but i'll leave you with one of my most most favorite songs:
ordinary day by emilie mover
(don't forget to press the "play" button at the top of the page to hear the song)

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  1. So what's your word? :-) Happy New Year!!