it's 9pm -- are you in bed yet?

i am...
we had staff meeting tonight and i arrived home at 8:30
i am drinking my tea and going to sleep
it feels like it has been a long day, a good one, but a long one.
the sick germs are starting to circulate again
"wash your hands, cover your cough, and stay home if you're sick"...
does everyone have that imprinted in their minds yet??
our kids at work do, and most of them do it too
 in other news...
the boys have been busy with the new bee boxes
this morning they left to go put the bees in the almond orchards for pollination
my room is clean, my office desk is not
the box that i have had out to take to goodwill (for the past 2 months) has been sitting in my car for the last week --  a step in the right direction?? -- at this rate it should get there by the end of the month

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