two for tuesday -- things that drive me cRaZy

too much of --- the best chocolate cake ever ---available
we made it this weekend and melissa didn't eat her share

french vanilla reed diffuser
let's talk about my nose for a minute -- when i first got this diffuser, i put all the reeds in it and placed it on the dresser in my bedroom.  i forgot two very important things - one - ...for my nose...it is generally a bad idea to put all the reeds in when you have filled it pretty full if the room is not super large because --two-- ventilation is good when you have put all the reeds in the reed diffuser. 
so, i put it in my room and then closed the door the next day while i was out of the house.  
i came home and the room smelled just like french vanilla -- like it's supposed to right?
well, back to my nose. 
my nose decided that the french vanilla smelled too much in my room
so i moved it to the office
my nose still smelled it too much in the office, even with only three reeds in it and the window open
so i moved it to the dining room
my nose still smells the french vanilla reed diffuser.
kim says she can't smell it at all
--and she had one in her room last fall--with the door closed-- for a long time--
my nose still smells it, and sometimes it gets a big whiff if i stop in the right spot
it makes me want to vomit...almost
but i refuse to take it out of the room.
my nose is just going to deal with the fact that once it decides it's had too much of a smell it doesn't like it ever again-- because my brain has decided that it is going to leave the diffuser sitting into the dining room until the french vanilla smell is no more.
i can smell it right now...

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  1. your nose and mine have many things in common,,,,maybe our noses were cousins in another life??? love you silly. awwww vanilla i love the smell.....Jules