...what a beauty you were

so pretty outside today.
i loved it.
i loved it.
i loved it.

dinner tonight was a new recipe -- fragrant rice noodles with vegetables -- otherwise known as rice noodles with a lime peanut sauce, leeks, zucchini, and yellow squash ... along with broiled tofu.  tasty.  new recipes are always fun try...and usually worth the wait even when your starving and you finally eat at eight o'clock.

it was light until seven tonight.  seriously.  so great.
watched two episodes of grey's tonight -- tear jerkers -- seriously (can you tell :))

picture from yesterday -- my great find at pier one -- just loving it!  let's have a party! --- seriously---

lulu threw up this morning -- she started doing the lip licking routine and i knew that something was up -- she was going to throw up on her rug and i tried to carry her outside, but she wasn't too fond of that -- so i hurriedly grabbed a hand towel and tried to move her towards outside -- so she threw up on the towel in the hallway...better than the floor.  all that to get out the little piece of plastic she decided to chew on sometime last night -- yeppers.  we have dog throw up parties at our house --i am pretty sure it's about every other day one of them is doing it and today was the third day in a row --- seriously...

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