it's a good day -- really

some days you wake up and you don't want to have a good day.  you just want to be cranky because your nose is stuffy and you don't have a voice--you don't want to feel sick and it's raining outside when the last two days were beautifully sunny and shouted "sPrInG --iT's HeRe!!"  --- some days you get news that you don't want to hear, you miss your husband, your jeans you want to wear need washed and you don't like the outfit you are wearing enough... some days you get to the post office and realize you left with everything except the address that you needed to send that package that was the reason that you went to the post office in the first place-- some days work is more chaotic, that there is homemade chocolate cake at home and cupcakes in the staff room that you can't eat because you are trying to not be sick-- and it just feels like a "monday" -- some days you just come home and want to lay in the bed just because ...

some days you get a card in the mail from a dear friend that makes you smile, you appreciate that you have clothes you can wear and that your feet are warm and toasty, you know the people at work make the day go by better, you see the sun come out and watch it go down --- after six ---  you come home and lay on the bed for a few minutes, but then go do yoga, make dinner, and watch an episode of "greys anatomy" with the best roommates you could ever have --  some days, even though you're having a not great day -- you intentionally find the good parts of the day and count your blessings (sight, hearing, toes, fingers, house, health, heat, working car, food, friends, family...) because you know that today, even though it may not be the best, really is the best because it's a today that you were able to have.

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