and then there are sundays...

since i seems to have written "our weekends 101" the last two posts-- i thought i should just finish it off with sundays.

i love sundays.  a full day to choose between productivity or non-productivity.  generally productivity rules because most of us would agree that it is nice to start out the week ahead... so, unless we are traveling home, our sundays always include several things:
-leisurely drinking coffee or tea & something delicious for breakfast -- biscuits&gravy was last weeks love
- menu planning for the week
-grocery shopping
-vegetable prep for using throughout the week - washing lettuces, cutting cucs, red peppers, purple cabbage
-watch movies (kim says it's true that we usually watch at least one-- it is sunday after all)
-pick up dog poo

after that short list -- it's a toss up between spending the rest of the day doing nothing or being highly productive...

today our house is kind of feeling off kilter because of the time change -- it's 9:15 and we haven't gotten past coffee -- did i mention we almost always get up by 7:30, at the latest, on the weekends -- feels like the day is half over already, but maybe that's just because today has family get together plans, costco run plans, dog walking&training plans, and kicking the cold plans (massive fluid intake scheduled, along with some grapefruit cold zap -oh and did i mention that you probably shouldn't drink this when you have to talk/breath on people -- gives you mad garlic breath)...

3 things:
1.  here is a our menu for the week:  march 14-20th menu 
2.  we celebrated two of our favorite friends birthdays last night at our most favorite whoopemup hollow cafe --  i have been trying to kick my cold (and felt much better yesterday) so portion control was on the dessert menu for me -- but i still had a taste because their desserts are just a-a-amazing... as is there other food, i have never been disappointed.  such a good night with our friends ---

3.  who's excited about the fact that it's going to be light outside until about seven tonight --- me me me!!!

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