right now--favorites

sitting in my favorite chair, with my favorite homemade bee quilt, wearing my favorite puffy warm wool socks and grey sweatpants, watching my favorite pooches play, smelling my favorite spring candle scent burning (strawberry rhubarb), anticipating my favorite friday night dinner, burgers&fries, listening to my favorite worship music, chris tomlin, enjoying my most favorite time of the week -- friday sundown -- and thinking how grateful i am that my most favorite (and only) God knows how much we humans need 24 hours of rest set apart from the rest of the week so we can make it through the next week.... (i used my favorite homograph of the moment in that last part... do you know what a homograph is?? ... i'll be honest, i couldn't remember the actual term --its been awhile since my last english class...--and i had to look it up...how about you?)

hope your able to enjoy some of your favorites with a your favorites this weekend...  ok.  i think i'll stop now...really

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