is it thursday or friday?

this is the question that i have asked myself all day as half the day i have thought it was friday and the other half have known it was really thursday...

right now:
1. watching a disneyland commercial and am almost ready to go again -- really, i love it that much
2. watching a commercial for how to tame your dragon and am quite excited for our spring break field trip
3. survivor! -- anyone for some beach dragon chi?
4. gonna kick my cold out of the house this weekend--  dinner tonight was accompanied by "grapefruit cold zap" from  "the big book of juices and smoothies" by natalie savona --my most favorite juicing/smoothie book ever -- juice 2 grapefruits, 1 lemon, 1 inch of fresh ginger, and 1 clove of garlic

yum -- do you love garlic and ginger as much as i do?


  1. Well, it sounds interesting. I love all of the ingredients but, together... I dunno!

  2. There was much confusion in this house too as to the day, all week!!

    I love garlic but not ginger. I used to love ginger....and though its supposed to be good for morning sickness, lets just say I don't like it anymore because it didn't work to well for me.... LOL.