new hair is always fun

i know it probably doesn't look any different in this picture -- but it is -- new angled bangs and fun color --  metallic titanium or something like that... 

went to a CAbi party tonight --  like a tupperware/candle party but for clothes
the first one i went to was a few years ago, and i didn't think i would find anything, but the clothes are much more fun in person than they look in the catalog, and my favorite thing is that the fabric is really high quality (as in, keeps it's shape, doesn't hold stink or stains easily) and her pieces always have some sort of cute little detail to them -- worth the money.  There are two lines a year, and tonight i went to scope out the spring '10 items.  when i looked in the catalog i didn't think i would like anything, except a t-shirt -- by the time i finished trying things on, i had a little wish list going... 

((so ladies, i am going to have a party in the next few weeks, if you are in town and interested in attending, let me know, or if you would like to place an outside order --))

it is definitely past my bedtime -- but all i want to do is snack on chips and salsa and whatever else is in the cupboard...cookies, pretzels, cereal...but instead, i am taking my water bottle and i am going to go to bed...maybe with a little nibble along the way???


  1. Love the new hair ;) You always have the cutest hair styles! Miss you! - Tiffany La Com

  2. New hair is adorable! :-)