taking the week off...

...that's what i did this last week.  sometimes you just need a break.  the week was good.  on wednesday i started to get the sickness that has been going around work (6 people out sick on monday) -- it isn't full blown (just the sniffles and a sore throat right now) and i am hoping to stay mostly well through this next week, if not completely recovered.  we had a nice weekend of relaxing, looking for signs of spring, cooking, and seeing one of my favorites, melissa.  

oh, and before i forget... the winner of the giveaway is  Michelle!  send me your address and i will send you mail

our tea drawer -- yes we like it -- daily drinkers 

in my bathroom -- i love my bright walls and the orange flowers

catch all for bathroom goodies

saturday search for signs of spring

most favorite roommates

 best friends -- unaware of pictures being taken

homemade granola goodness

first compost in our tumbler

p.s. did you notice how different the bathroom paint colors look in the two pictures? -- it is actually a cross between the two--

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