the beauty of yesterday


today marks exactly three weeks of montana time for me --- it's a day to take inventory of time past and write up a "purchase order" for future time...

today i finished up one project that was on my to-do list for the summer -- it's my first project that i've finished so far -- thats about how it's going...  before i start to lament that fact -- i must remember that this is a common summer trend -- not much happens the first few weeks -- it's kind of like vacation/settling in

today is rainy and cloudy -- we love rain -- lots of it... still don't love lightening and tornado watches -- but we love the rain.  yesterday it didn't rain.  it was windy and beautiful.  the kind of day that makes me remember why i love summers in montana (minus the storms -- which will maybe someday grow on me, maybe someday).

off to fix dinner for the crew now...hope your holiday weekend was great -- pictures and story of ours to come

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