rocks, snakes, and such...

we had a nice weekend.
biscuits&gravy for breakfast.
church via the internet --while eating breakfast...

and a trip down the road to climb some rocks --

well...  some of us climbed the rocks.  someone in the group mostly just watched and took pictures of other people climbing the rocks because some of us don't enjoy heights very much.  someone might have had fun climbing up, but didn't love climbing down...good thing someone has a brother and sister to help them not slide down down down to the ground.  some of us think that there are rattlesnakes hiding in the grass and sunning themselves on the rocks...which means some of us don't really love to go tromping through the prairie grass.  all of us had a great time.  rattlesnakes and heights included.

more pictures to come...must get back to the scrapbooking and "because i said so" (for the 4th time in a row...)

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