today is brought to you by the number "3"

-the number of times i've changed my sheets this week...thanks to miss lulu
-the number of things i've checked off my morning list: allergy shot, library, call the grandmas (love them)
-the number of hours i am going to spend creating this afternoon
-the number of books i checked out from the library--- +1 more... - also the number of books returned
-the number of phone numbers i have to call to try and find my parents
-the number of weeks i've been in montana
-the number of projects i've finished since i've been here...-1...
-the number of pounds i gain every time someone brings home ice cream from the big k
-the number of pictures to show you today:

borrowed from this sweet girl's blog

fun summer wedding photo booth-- i can't remember where i borrowed the pic from -- doing something similar for my sister's wedding in september

wishing i could throw an ice cream sandwich party just like this cutie
more ice cream goodness found here

-the number of links to share with you:
1. the pioneer woman & stormy weather -sounds quite similar to jon&i --except where's my storm cellar?

2. tiny sparrow foundation - capturing memories for families with children facing life threatening illness

3. e&p's wedding album -- i love her style, her wedding, and the fact she loves orange as much as i do

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