tissue paper + veggie burgers

today was all about wedding --
-finish the last of the save the date cards
- look for tissue paper online -- tissue paper that comes in a pack of more than 4 sheets and less than 460
- call mom and talk about wedding
-text friend about using something for the wedding
- write sister emails and send pictures about wedding
- write grooms mother and send pictures about wedding
- go back to looking for the right shade of tissue paper -- decide it is a lost cause
- take save the date cards to the post office
- return redbox movie --- it wasn't the finest - despite it's title of "brooklyn's finest" --good cast though, lots of  nudity -- put your clothes on people.
- make potato salad for brenden's birthday dinner
- look over wedding checklist and make shopping list for diy projects
- watch law and order: criminal intent while making potato salad
-vacuum the carpet
- contemplate working out -- resist the urge
- chat with sister on facebook about wedding
- call mom and talk about wedding
- eat delicious birthday dinner of homemade veggie burgers, potato salad, and pie a la mode
- food coma
- food coma
- food coma
- blog about the day of wedding

did i mention that i looked at a few of my wedding pictures today too...

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  1. I looked at my wedding pictures today too! And it made me smile like a fat kid who just had cake :)