the story of the weekend

we had a nice weekend -- clean trailer, a yummy dinner of some sort--i can't remember what it was right now, and then kate and i decided to make some uber delicious sit and stay awhile apple crisp

some of us ate it hot -- the rest of us were sleeping...
saturday was biscuits and gravy, with a scrambled tofu&rice skillet, while attending church via the internet.  then we all had some relax time before it was enchilada assembly time.
in between biscuits and enchiladas -- we had to eat some crisp -- 

dinner time.
enchilada supper with the family - mom's recipe, with beans and spanish rice, chips and salsa, corn sour cream, and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  
we were so full.
had to lay down for awhile.

night time
sleeping beauty with sweet sister and some mini book creating

it was productive.
we went to out to dinner
it was not so delicious, but i didn't expect it to be so i wasn't disappointed
on the way home the sky looked like this

we had just had a storm come through
it was quite pretty


  1. Yum, your pie looks good. I love catching up on your blog as well. Thanks for your comments here and there. I enjoy it. Is the wedding picture an inspiration or a wedding you've been to?

  2. Your pictures are so artistic!

  3. kim- the one from tissue paper+veggie burgers is from my wedding -- the ones in previous posts are inspiration from photos i found online