a trip to walmart


- i had a big list of things to do and i only did one of them -- that one counts for a lot though right...
- jon, the parents, and i went drove to the "big city"  --  ok, well, not the BIG city -- just the biggest city closest to us -- the one that has a walmart and a dairy queen, verizon store, arby's, and more...
-we stopped along the way to put some more boxes on a set of beehives...

swarming onto the fence post because there were too many queens in the hive

the big sack is a queen cell

fresh sweet golden honey in the comb

how we do mailboxes in eastern montana

-lunch time -- my blue cheese dressing was amazing --

-jode and i spend some time at walmart while the guys go put boxes on more beehives.  you can waste a lot of time at walmart without really realizing you are "wasting" it -- i know this because it happen to me often -- today, i wasted time on purpose, however, it didn't really feel like wasted time as it might have been my normal amount of time spent on a walmart trip ---

--almost, except for the fact that jode and i sat on a bench after we checked out and watched other people check out...it was very very interesting.... it might be my new hobby
-two more stops -- a ranch&farm supply and sporting goods -- i have found the best approach to these stores is to find a place to sit and make sure i bring a good book -- the reason -- at the supply store -- all the power tools must be looked at and possibly bought -- at the sporting goods -- well, they have a lot of guns there, and it is montana, and i was with two boys --need i say more...

-my stomach hurt the entire afternoon -- then i had a banana cream pie blizzard from dairy queen -- all to myself.  it was the best one i have ever had.  my stomach didn't hurt anymore.  amazing.

- go back to walmart again --this time to buy groceries.  leave with:
5 loaves of bread
4 bags of chips
10 cans of veggie chili (only .75 each - stocking up for when i leave and don't cook for jon anymore)
5 boxes of "just bunches" cereal -- jons favorite
2 giant bags of pre-washed and cut romaine lettuce
1 5lb bag of tator tots -- no, not crispy crowns, much to our disappointment
2 jars of sliced sweet pickles (my brother almost ate an entire jar of the mini's by himself--over the span of 3 lunches - he puts them on his sandwich whole -- he is now restricted to sliced)
3 packages of yves veggie hotdogs (this was the find of the day -- i was soo sad that i didn't bring any with me from home this year, and was really really wanting them for 4th of july...happiness)
2 packages of hot dog buns
1 giant bulk package of soft taco shells
1 biggest bottle to be found of hot sauce
and some other misc. items...

grand total -- $103  -- about a 1/3 of what it would have cost at our local store here in town

walmart is my friend in the summer time -- when i have to feed 3 teenager and a husband...

-exit walmart with loot --load the back of the flat bed with purchases using toilet paper boxes, duck tape, and rope -- very very windy outside...

- stop at taco johns for burritos.  edible.  how can you not love a burrito?
- drive by tractors before heading for home.
- stop to see if the bees have moved from the fence post back to their cozy beehive
sign of a beekeeper --unafraid to face hundreds of bees without a suit and gloves

off the fence post at least...

-home sweet trailer
the siblings

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