21 challenge + sunday morning

happy happy sunday --- especially this sunday -- the one where we got an extra hour of sleep and an extra hour hanging out with our portland buddies...

how is your 21 challenge going?  did you pick something?  here are the links for today and yesterday (or you can start today to and just follow along at your pace :))

day two

day three

remember -- leave a comment (for one entry) and subscribe (for another entry) to be entered into the giveaway -- tomorrow night i will choose the winner and send them something cute to use on their 21 challenge.

alright - i am off to feed myself "australia breakfast" that my friend, melissa, is making for us -- it's a giant breakfast and a movie like  we used to do on sunday mornings when we were going to school in australia -- she bought grand's biscuits in the can, toaster waffles, veggie stripples, and all sorts of other delicious doings.

oh and cupcakes too -- last night we went to cupcake jones -- so this morning we have deliciousness to delve into -- cupcakes for breakfast are the best!

don't forget to enter the giveaway and join in on the 21 challenge!

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