the most expensive pizza

last night was kim's birthday.  we were going to get take-out thai food -- but they were closed.  plan b- homemade pizza.  my job - start the dough.  kim came home with a multitude of deliciousness and new yeast - because the first didn't seem to be working.  20 minutes later -- i decide that the recipe i have isn't complete and that the 2nd round of yeast isn't very bubbly either, but we decide to try it anyways.  a crust pre-bake and a taste test later, kim and i decide that it just isn't quite birthday dinner quality.  i call papa murphy's to see if they will sell just a crust.  they tell me that they can only sell a pizza with sauce or cheese on it.  ok - kim and i decide to go pick some up -- upon arriving, i state my request.  i would like to buy some pizza crust.  i would like to pay for a cheese pizza -- but with nothing on it -- "no, i'm sorry, i can't do that, if i let a pizza go out of the store with nothing on it i will be fired." -- even if i pay for cheese and sauce and you don't put it on the crust -- "i will lose my job, there has to be at least sauce on the pizza crust" -- ok -- i would like 3 pizzas with minimal sauce and nothing else -- he can do that.  ---oh and i have a coupon---  "your total is $19.67"

onward and out the door -- armed with our 3 crusts -- kim and i decide that we will be his story of the night

at home, we made 3 very delicious pizzas:
-- olive oil, mozzarella, brie, fig, and pineapple
--marinara with pesto, ricotta, mushrooms, fresh garlic and basil, and a mozzarella cheese blend
--pesto, with a little marinara, chevre, mushrooms and fresh garlic and basil, and mozzarella

it was a toss up, but my favorite was the chevre -- it is such a strong flavor, it's hard to think about anything else  -- however, the fig and brie pizza was the overall winner and really really delish.

it's ok.  i know you think we're crazy too -- we probably are -- but it was 7:30 and we were starving and had all these beautiful toppings to make our very special pizza on a very special night. -- oh and we froze our "pizza dough" for future "flat bread" pizzas -- as it was tasty but not what we were needing last night.

i have to get ready for work now -- i am 20 minutes past my 20 minutes for this blog post - due to some uploading and surfing of the web --  today i get to wear my sweats to work, eat nachos, and watch the movie "cars" -- it's a hard life isn't it?


  1. i must say that you made me hungry...........its a shame those weren't gluten free pizza crusts

  2. Totally going to try some of these pizzas!!! I just got a new recipe for pizza dough from Central Market and can't wait to try it. =)