a weekend of giving thanks

 it was a good holiday -- even if i have been sick the whole time.   finally feeling a bit better than i was --thank you thank you to the cough syrup.  this thanksgiving was spent with jon's family.  our nephew came over to hang out a few nights ( he is on break from school ) -- x-box and movies -- maybe a few tacos too.  on thursday we picked up julie and ryan (sister + brother in-law)  and started our snowy drive to grandpa's house.  of course -- jon thought we should begin the trip with coffee and doughnuts.  yum.  even though i only had a bite (resident sickie here ) -- we saw two interesting things on our drive -- first, as we are driving along in the snow - we see oncoming cars suddenly passing a vehicle -- at first it seems they are just a little reckless, but as we get close we see that a mini-van got a flat tire and the driver decided to stop dead in the middle of the road.  excellent.  we turn around and come back to help, about the same time a state trooper arrives on the scene (excellent timing trooper) -- jon went up to talk with the man and see if he needed any help getting his vehicle moved to the side of the road -- to which the man replied -- i can't, i have a flat tire -- hmmm.. jon explained to him that the trooper was going to make him move off the road, but the man still wasn't convinced -- at this point we continued on our way down the road to find a spot to turn around -- as we came back, we saw the trooper had had the man move his vehicle to the other side of the road and seemed to be trying to have the man move further off -- to which the man didn't look pleased and seemed to be arguing his point.  our next interesting scene was a sad one -- however, not one you see everyday -- an older woman, all bundled up, was in her motorized wheel chair attempting to drive through 6-8 inches of snow -- i say attempting because at the point we saw her she was stuck...and a kind rescuer was just pulling up to help her out.  hopefully, she was soon warm, cozy, and safe at home.  we made it to our destination and had a delicious dinner.  so many good things to eat and so very nice to see family who we haven't seen for awhile.  it snowed almost the entire time we were there -- so beautiful (i almost cried when all my snow started melting at home today).  julie and ryan have a new addition -- little miss bella, a cavalier king charles spaniel and mini poodle mix  -- she was lots of sweet entertainment this weekend.  lulu just didn't know what to think of such a little thing.

i emptied my purse today -- i had stuffed it to the brim -- good grief

today was such a busy and productive day.  the kind of day that just lets you breathe a little easier because you know that you accomplished so much.  so needed after 4 weekends in a row of traveling.  

hope your holiday was the best.

the roommates are home again.  homemade baked corn dogs and the bounty hunter -- which is almost over and means that it's time for bed --just as soon as i upload my christmas music to my ipod...

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