colorado cold

we flew off to colorado on friday. 
our sweet niece, melysa, was baptized on saturday and we were able to be there to witness it.
it was most excellent to spend time with the family -- better than christmas -- which is good, because this year everyone is headed in different directions.
also, it was parent weekend at the academy and we were able to tour the campus, listen to the seniors (nephew nik's class) talk about their senior survival experience and see pictures at vespers and the literature evangelism team testimonies at sabbath school (melysa is on the team and also gave her testimony) - church was blessed with 3 baptisms -- melysa's included.  it was a beautiful event.

nik & uncle jon

melysa's baptism

i really really loved our hotel -- though it was filled to the brim over the weekend and a little noisy due to a swim team or ten of kiddos playing elevator tag on all of the 8 floors -- a military banquet, a warren miller film festival & booths, and the nightly manager's reception - featuring free snacks (nachos, gold fish crackers, chex mix, and m&m's...) and drinks by the fountain.  we were on the top floor.  on sunday night it was quite quiet and jon and i had the entire pool and spa to ourselves.  exercise equipment with t.v's on them.  really excellent smelling soap.  full breakfast included - made to order omelets - confetti vanilla bean pancakes, potatoes, fruit and more...we will return.  

sunday came and the girls were ready for shopping off campus

first came a stop at five guys -- my new favorite burger joint -- best veggie grilled cheese yet.
when we arrived at the mall the troops split down the middle -- boy's to the sporting goods store -- girl's to nordstrom's  --- our family and that store.  almost obsession.  we had a laugh when we came out though, as julie, jeanese, and jon all came out empty-handed --which could almost be classified as unusual.  

monday morning we awoke to winter wonderland

now we are back home - safe and sound -- with a few days off before we head to seattle on friday -- did i mention that we were in portland the weekend before -- somehow our calendar got booked with 5 out of town weekends in a row -- i might lose my mind.

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  1. So happy for Melysa, glad you had a great time and I would totally lose my mind if I had 5 weekends out of town in a row! Also, cannot believe the 3 J's walked out of the mall empty-handed. Safe travels and happy holidays! <3