touring seattle with a few of my favorite people

in case you missed it -- this has been our month of traveling -- first to portland, then to colorado, last weekend to seattle and this weekend to idaho and spokane.  i'm not sure who scheduled four weekends in a row of traveling, but i think i'll have a word with them.

seriously though, it has been quite wonderful to be with friends and family.  our seattle trip was quite fabulous.  while it was hard to gear up for another weekend away from home, once off off and away the fun commenced --  might have had something to do with these girls:

kellie, alecia, me, and michelle
i really really really like them a lot

my friend, michelle (and her mom too) might be the best hostess ever.  we were greeted with warm beds, hot tea and fresh pumpkin bread.  saturday for lunch momma thelia made us chile relleno casserole and veggie burritos -- crazy goodness -- and look at these two boys doing the dishes:
troy and jon -- super husbands 

---i like this picture even though it's fuzzy--

next began our tour of seattle sweets -- i haven't really spent too much time in the seattle area, so it's fun to explore new places.  first stop:

my favorite was the aztec chocolate - "moist chocolate cake doughnut is iced with a cinnamon-cayenne chocolate & topped with gourmet chocolate shavings."  -- this is not it -- this is bavarian creme goodness

next came the theo chocolate factory - the tour was full, but we had a great time sampling -- the holiday bars are my favorite -- then jon found the truffles and the salted caramels -- of course we had to bring home a box to share with the roommates.  p.s - they let you sample almost every kind of chocolate they have, plus complimentary coffee and water -- did i mention that they are fair-trade and organic.  amazing.

just up the road from theo chocolates is caffe ladro  - it was frr--eezing outside and a hot drink sounded like it would hit the spot.  we all ordered the same thing in various sizes and shots: i think it was called the medici or something like that -- like a mocha with fresh orange -- not too sweet, just perfect -- p.s. did i mention that they only use fair-trade, organic, shade grown coffee and they make their own bakery items --fresh--daily--yum...

the nice man who's table we invaded took this picture for us

 seattle in the evening

rei -- a really really big one  -- almost as much fun as disneyland...almost -- we spent 2 (or was it 3) hours here  --hmm...sad thing is that we only covered half of one floor during that time -- then we had to leave because we were about to have to declare bankruptcy by rei and we were starving -- only to be satisfied by burgers from five guys  (our new obsession) and a great way to end the evening

we went to another caffe ladro sunday morning for another yummy latte -- did i mention that my husband has suddenly become a coffee drinker -- i am not sure what to think (tonight we stopped by dutch bros to see if they would be open thanksgiving morning -- who is this man i married?)

my sweet friends at the caffe

michelle -- making sure we won't be run over while we cross the street -- the yellow flags are at many street corners in downtown kirkland -- priceless entertainment -- i mean -- safety 

we left seattle about one to make sure we had plenty of time to enjoy the snow and scenery along the pass on the way home :)

so happy we weren't trying to travel back to seattle -- too much traffic -- and an unfortunate someones off road adventure

now it's time for me to head to bed -- i am still feeling like yuck -- i bought cough syrup tonight -- very rarely do i use any meds -- in the hopes that i will be well -- though having two travel days this weekend...  -- oh and i'm losing my voice (first time ever) and i sound like a frog -- an off tune frog

we hope your thanksgiving is full of warmth, family, food, and laughter -- and maybe an afternoon nap

 p.s.s.s  did i mention how much i love love love traveling with my husband -- it's pretty much the greatest -- good thing i married him so we can travel together often!

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  1. You were right down the road from us!!! Frost donuts is in Mill Creek which is 2 roads down from our house. Too bad we didn't know how close you were to us, we would have loved to see you. Maybe next time you come over we'll take you to all our favorites in the area. =) Great burgers, entertainment, coffee shops, etc. Glad you had a good time and hope you feel better soon!! Love you guys!