a lot of love for christmas cards

i woke up this morning at 4am -- 3:48am -- to be exact -- hacking up a storm and with an amazing sore throat.  excellent.

what better thing to do while coughing and blowing your nose than to think about christmas tasks -- specifically, christmas cards.  for the past however many years i have tried to faithfully send out some sort of christmas something to friends and family.  i rotate between a holiday letter, homemade cards, and photo cards.  last year, we sent new years photo cards -- this year is supposed to be homemade cards, but seeing as how i haven't quite got that far yet and it doesn't look promising -- i've been exploring my photo card options.

welcome shutterfly.

i really have enjoyed shutterfly photo services this year.  particularly this summer, when i ordered a lot of prints while in montana.  their website is easy to use, they have great coupons and my pictures have turned out very nicely.  plus they arrive in a timely manner

this year they have some fabulous new christmas card designs --

the classic postcard -- send holiday wishes for less -- starting at .69 per card -- bright colors are in this year and i am loving it.  i also love multi-photo cards because it is always so hard to choose just one picture...

last year i sent out my first 5x7 cards -- i might be hooked.  starting at only .89 --  it is worth the extra .20 and there are lots to choose from -- i chose this one because their are 7 picture places -- 7 -- excellent.

next comes the card -- i just love love love this card.  orange and blue -- plus a cute baby -- i don't have a cute baby -- so my cards won't have quite the same "cuteness" factor -- still -- baby or no baby -- really great card -- modern and fun -- good for those of us who like to occasionally stray from the traditional red and green

 this is such a sweet card -- inside there is room for more photos and words -- i love the simplicity

cards range in price from $2.99-1.49

lastly,  i am especially loving their flat stationary cards --particularly the square ones.  so cute.   priced about the same as a card -- sorry that the pictures aren't as big :(

my favorite for words: love this idea for the top ten moments of the year -- a good way for those non-writers to share your doings -- in short. plus -multiple photos

more links
    ·         holiday cards: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-cards
·         Christmas photo cards: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards
·         Calendars: http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars

remember -- one of the best things about shutterfly is that they almost always have some sort of coupon or special offer happening.  right now it is cyber week -- you can get 20-30% off of your holiday cards and 50% off of calendars and photo books through december 1 -- did i mention how big of a fan of photo books i am -- this summer i made 4 -- fantastic gift idea -- it is quite possible that this weekend i will make a few more and take advantage of this great deal -- and maybe you will too!

p.s. --  shutterfly is giving 50 free photo cards to bloggers who blog about shutterfly (form is here) -- turns out this is a great deal for a lot of us, especially for me -- since i like to blog about christmas cards and i got my cards from them last year --oh and the best part about getting them through shutterfly last year -- i picked them up at walgreens 1 hour photo day -- they were beautiful and i was able to get them so quickly -- especially good since i can get impatient about such things.  

well -- the schools are running on a two hour delay due to the weather --  i have contemplated staying home sick -- but after lemon water, salt water gargle, and lung tea i am feeling a little closer to human -- let the day begin

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