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today i am taking my lunch break at work so i decided to catch up on some emails that i haven't had time to read. one of my favorites is christine kane -- i get her emails and enjoy spending time on her blog (which is the link i posted). she is a women who wears many hats and i really appreciate her "get out there and do it" motivations --

since it is now dark when i leave work, i have been struggling with evening motivation to get my projects done -- last night i spent 2 hours cleaning and woke up this morning feeling like a new person -- this is partly because the darkness just makes me want to crawl in bed early, and also because we have been so very busy (our calendar has us out of town for 5 weekends in a row) and i have just been plain tired. ---so--- when i read christines's words a few minutes ago, i just had to chuckle because it was a topic i have been pondering --

side note: i really love the changing seasons. i really really love fall. i love during the summer when you smell fresh cut grass, play at the park, walk the dogs, laze around outside riding the bike or reading a book...how the sun shines down on you and makes you wish for a constant popsicle in your hand...how you stay up late and eat fresh produce from the garden - like cucumbers, tomatoes, and zuchinni...and of course watermelon after watermelon -- but then comes fall -- with it's sweaters and scarves, boots and mittens, the warm glow of candles and hot tea every night, a good book, tv season, or movie....with dinners in of roasted root vegetables, soups, and crockpot cooking --or casseroles , don't forget the casseroles-- with smells of warmth and cozy -- or is it just the homemade cookies?
so even though i don't love love love driving home in the dark, i embrace our ever changing world and am finding so much to be happy about -- hopefully you are too -- and just in case you need another little nudge -- here is an excerpt from christine's newsletter -- which it isn't letting me post right now so i will link the full article later -- for now, here is the short and simple list:

7 happy rituals for the shorter winter days
by christine kane -- with comments by sierra :)

1. create a glow -- candles, lighting -- something to make you love that it's dark outside and your warm, cozy and "glowing" inside
2. start a gratitude journal - it's the season of thanksgiving -- how much do you have to be grateful for? --i am going to make one this next week!)
3. feed the birds -- and wake up to their song -- hang those feeders!
4. catch up on movies -- we watch epic movies, and favorite tv seasons
5. morning workouts -- take advantage of the lighter morning hours and get your workout in early in the day -- it's hard to get up, but it get's you going for the day and let's you come home and relax in the evening --this i know, as 5am came quite early for me this mornings...
6. complete a project -- one you have in progress or start a new one -- learn a language, scrapbook, knit, join a book club or take a class
7. get out! -- bundle up in warm fleece, hat and mittens -- take a hike, play with the dogs, -- smell the fresh, crisp air

p.s. -- how is your 21 challenge going??

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