back to business

well, i looked at the calendar this morning and it told me two things:

1. i have taken 18 days of "blogging vacation"
2. i have exactly 3 weeks until i pack up the car and head back home

usually, i would be packing up tonight and heading back tomorrow - but this year i'm staying with the husband, in montana, for longer...

the past few weeks we haven't been up to much - i made a dent in the projects that i need to get done and this next week am hoping to get most of them accomplished...trying to get things done ahead of time rather than procrastinating... i don't really know if it's as much fun and old habits die hard.

where we left off:
we try to celebrate everyone's birthday -- our worker, travis, had a birthday and we were more than happy to put together an impromptu bbq and a quick batch of cupcakes ---  anyone else having a birthday?

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