packin' it up -it's not just a brown bag anymore

as much as i love the nostalgia of a "brown bag lunch" - which i will never fully give up - 
the rise of the reusable container - in the form of something cute, chic, functional, and bpa free - makes me oh so very happy...

for the past year or two i have packed my lunch in various bpa free, reusable plastic containers or empty pint and cup sized canning jars.  the jars are generally my preference for any item that needs to be reheated as i try my best to avoid microwaving most plastic.  my lunch bag is a cute little reusable bag i bought at whole foods for $2 this fall or something similar.


we have now moved to a new favorite:

it all started when we made a stop at the leaf and bean, in bozeman.  we saw these and just had to buy for friend+roommate, kim - so we did.  she loves them!

lucky me - my mom stopped by and bought me my own lunch pot (in orange) on her way to visit me...

they make a few other items we might have to have - if it's love at first sight for you too, click on over to their site or you can also find them at amazon.com

looking for a new eco lunch bag for school year -- or just because--
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