summer squash

did i tell you the story of how many squash plants i planted this year?  

ready for it?


yes, you saw that correctly.

however, i incorrectly assumed that some (a lot) of them would die 

but they didn't.

this picture was taken a few weeks ago:
the plants are  now much larger - but i don't want to go out and take a picture right now - use your imagination...

then they started to get a lot of these:

now i have a lot of zucchini - and soon a lot of yellow squash too - probably about 8 tomorrow when i go out and pick them...and more zucchini too.

we have been eating a lot of zucchini.  i love it.  i've grilled it, roasted it, sautéed it, put it on salad and ate it plain.  it's good.  it means summer.  i like it.  

but -- i have a lot of it -- so i took some to the librarians -- and tomorrow i'm going to take some more --

and i'm going to make some zucchini bread - but i have to find the right recipe...soon

which brings me to the question of -- do you zucchini too?

this summer i have made a lot of recipes from the Martha Stewart website (seriously has been my go-to site this season) - i love their little collections - especially the ones that are vegetarian, or like the one i am sharing - produce specific.

here is one for: zucchini  - click it, explore it, and go try something new to eat!

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  1. I have a cookbook called "The Big Book of Casseroles" that has some amazing recipes for zucchini - pasta primavera, cheese zucchini (scoop out the middle and drizzle cheese on top).
    Chocolate zucchini bread is to die for. I slice it and grill it, then top with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Mix in spaghetti sauce; zucchini soup. Slice, freeze and eat through the winter. I think I've put up 4 quarts already. Oh, my mom is making zucchini relish! I did 8 plants as well so I'd have lots to put up. =) Happy squash!!