some mornings you just spend too much time on the computer - hopefully not most mornings.  one of these too-much-time mornings, i renewed my intense love of a site that i haven't been on in awhile...

have you discovered: emersonmade

oh i just love love love them!

-- they live on a farm
-- they renovated their farmhouse into a lovely home that i would like to live in too
-- emerson designs, styles, models -- everything -- the clothing line and her husband, ryan, does all the photography
-- they are funny
-- they include their animals in many of their pictures - which i love to see - especially the chickens
-- they sell beautiful clothes (made in the USA - which is quite important to me) that i would love to own -- this skirt is on my wish list:

design sponge posted a tour of their home : emerson farm

my favorite (i am very jealous and hope to have in my future perfect home):

can we all say  ahhhh......

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