grocery store secrets...

sometimes you just have days when you want to eat everything in the house.  then you go to the grocery store.  hungry.  looking for dinner.

you walk out of the store with...

  1. fresh salsa
  2. lime tortilla chips
  3. asian salad mix
  4. spaghetti o's 
  5. asparagus
  6. cocoa krispies
  7. mini rice cakes (cheddar + kettle corn)
  8. pringles
  9. apples
  10. martinelli's lemonade
  11. peach frozen fruit bars
it could have been worse. (we passed up the blueberry cheesecake goop from the deli case, the instant mashed potatoes, the ice cream, the...

i blame it all on roommate ryan.  he moved in with us about two weeks ago (after the teenagers went home).  he eats spaghetti o's - and chips - and chips ahoy cookies, and ben and jerry's ...and...and... he starts most his meals with ice cream - tonight he bought a box of doughnuts.  my summer activity level cannot sustain these treats... all this processed goodness (tongue in cheek) that hasn't seen the inside of my shopping cart since college (if that as i grocery shopped so often) -- except for an occasion here and there...jon and i couldn't take it any longer.  between ryan and watching "arthur" the other night -- we had-to-have our own can of spaghetti o's (sorry no saucy o's jon...) -- so we did.  tonight. for dinner.  along with our chips+salsa, salad, and lemonade - with an occasional pringle + rice cake...and jon might have finished off the pint of ben and jerry's cake batter, with a little help from me of course.

it's on now.  

might as well go all out -- mom - we'll be over tomorrow night for velveeta shells and cheese...

disclaimer -   ryan does eat vegetables too.  and fruit.  and i might have fed him a few home cooked meals in the last week that included many vegetables - particularly zucchini...

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