summer sunshine + sunflowers

a little bit down the road from us...

summer is quickly ending

where did august go?

isn't it funny how things always seem to be twice the speed after the half-way point

i am determined to love every last drop of the next month

then- i will embrace fall with open arms and a warm heart 
-- it's my favorite season, but shhh.. don't tell summer--

last week i ran across this great little list for 
"squeezing the last drops out of summer"

i thought how nice it would be to share that link
--and then forgot--
until now

don't you hate it when you can't remember what you want to remember?
then you spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy trying to remember (or find)
lucky for me - i spent some time looking and then -- i turned to the one that has all the answers --

i googled it

guess what 
first one on the list
--then i found a few more --

here's my short list 
(click them and let your end of summer adventure begin)

how to squeeze the last drops out of summer

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