packin' it up - brown bag lunches

once upon a time (this spring) i went to the hospital cafeteria for a take-out sabbath lunch
it was delicious.  i loved it.  i eventually ate every bite.  i was by myself.  i didn't have to do the dishes.


taking my own lunch

--a short(ish) history--
  • i think my mom packed my lunches up until 4th grade - it was then that i discovered i only wanted to eat hot lunch - specifically haystack, burger, and pizza days - or any other day that involved ranch dressing (my love affair began young)
  • i ate lunch at home (homeschool perk) until high school.  after some quality time eating at the boarding school cafeteria (mostly buttered toast with brewer's yeast + pb, jelly, and applesauce on toast -- the bread was homemade) i was back at day school where the next two years consisted of -- not packing a lunch (i just realized that not once did i eat in that high school's cafe) and a lot of taco bell runs...though there was those two short months my junior year when i was obsessed with jack-in-the-box (oh. my. word. help.)
  • college - lunch?  what's that -- between a full load and two-four jobs -- lunch?
  • 6 months of teaching school - hello t.v. dinners - i had a serious stash in my fridge - i tried all the vegetarian ones ever made at that time - school cafeteria - sometimes - on desperate days.
  • 2 years ago. began consistently packing a lunch on a daily basis.  the kind with salad and vegetables.
  • this last year - i can't live without my packed lunch.  i bring my own dinner to staff meeting.  i have created a brown bag monster (joking joking -- i still order out sometimes --) 
  • summer - i make jon a lunch most mornings - as it has to withstand the heat - we are still working on adding creativity--- it usually consists of : pb+j, granola and protein bars, apple, carrots, any other random fruit we have around, juice boxes (he. is. obsessed. no joke.) - extra shake bottles of lemonade or gatorade mix and sometimes chips... 
  • p.s. - every morning when i make jon's sandwich, i instantly want to eat one too -- i heart pb+j
now that your head is filled with our lunch history...
what's yours?
let's brown bag it and you can tell me...
there has been a lot of chatter about lunches lately
(back to school will do it every time)

here are some lunch box links
(click em!)

aren't you excited now

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